Impact All Over

There are Impact events all over Israel. At the Scaling Social-Tech conference on 30/11/7 Ari Manor kindly advised me on Flue Shot for Prevention and Treatment of Flue for All Ages ( and earlier today was the AgTech and Food Impact Incubator Kickoff event.
I’m still considering participating the “Hack the Road Hackathon” on 22-23/2/18 (
“Social Startup Success: How the Best Nonprofits Launch, Scale Up, and Make a Difference” is a new book that may help social entrepreneurs maximize their Impact.

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Back to (the) Web

Our website has been down for more than a week after changing our Web Hosting plan. We hope that you missed us. Everything should be faster now. Wait for our next blog post.

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Changing From Gaming

“MinerMote: Christmas ” has been removed from Apple App Store. We consider delivering an improved version of the game next Christmas. Meanwhile we focus on a stealth Internet Of Things (IoT) development, a technology that will be used for a variety of application categories including games. Expect more news later this year.

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MinerMote: Christmas is back

MinerMote: Christmas is back on Apple App Store worldwide. It’s an educational game for iPhone and iPod touch. The game does not contain in-app purchases or advertisements.

MinerMote: Christmas US App Store link is

Watch the MinerMote: Christmas Vine through the Vine app, on or at

Watch the MinerMote: Christmas Official App Preview on YouTube:

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MinerMote: Christmas is available worldwide

MinerMote: Christmas is a free game for kids, made for ages 9-11. It’s an educational game for iPhone and iPod touch. The game has been released on Apple App Store worldwide after Christmas but still entertains and educates. The game contains a feature subset of MinerMote, our paid game that is due for release later this year.

MinerMote: Christmas US App Store link is

Promotion: Send an e-mail to with Additional Features’ Requests for MinerMote. The first 25 senders will receive a Promo Code for MinerMote on its release (ONE Promo Code per e-mail address).

The MinerMote games are inspired by the Copiacó mining accident and are a tribute to the rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners. See alsoó_mining_accident.

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Rescue Before Beauty

Our beauty app “Hue are Beautiful” will be released on 2014 as we intend to release a new family of miners’ rescue apps later this year. The “MinerMote” family will replace our vintage “Miners Rescue” family of games. “Miners Rescue: The Tribute” and “Miners Rescue: The Tribute Lite” will be removed from Apple App Store this weekend so hurry if you want to own these apps. “Miners Rescue: The Tribute” is free for a removal promotion.

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Look Beautiful Naturally

Our next app “Hue are Beautiful” enables changing the state of Philips Hue connected light bulbs around you so you look more beautiful. You aren’t sure? Use the social features of the app to consult your friends and earn points by doing that. More details will follow on our next post.

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Bluesecure Goes Social

Bluesecure changes its focus from Gaming to Gamification. Social elements will be used wisely. More details will be given on our next post.

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Fourth of July Promotions

Miners Rescue: The Tribute game for iPhone and iPod touch is free on 4th of July (Free for One Day Only). The game is available only on the Israeli App Store.
Game Link:
We consider changing the game’s title from Miners Rescue: The Tribute to MinerMote on its next worldwide release. The new title seems to describe the unique game mechanics utilized better than the game’s current title. Tell us your opinion. E-mail us on before 8th of July, 2012 23:59 PT and you’ll get our 1st newsletter on the game’s upcoming worldwide release date. The newsletter describes how to unlock some of the game’s hidden features and will be available to the general public only a week later.

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Miners Rescue: The Tribute Development Update

We’ve received a lot of feedback for the Israeli App store’s release of the Miners Rescue: The Tribute game. Some of the comments are really cool so we intend to incorporate them into the internationally released version. This may require a few more weeks for development and testing. The game will be enjoyable on all supported devices but you should have more fun playing it on an iPhone 4S using Mirroring. We will introduce more details and the accompanying trailer when the official release date is set.

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