Miners Rescue: The Tribute Development Update

We’ve received a lot of feedback for the Israeli App store’s release of the Miners Rescue: The Tribute game. Some of the comments are really cool so we intend to incorporate them into the internationally released version. This may require a few more weeks for development and testing. The game will be enjoyable on all supported devices but you should have more fun playing it on an iPhone 4S using Mirroring. We will introduce more details and the accompanying trailer when the official release date is set.

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    • LOonely says:

      Hello Mr Miller’s Classroom Blog, My name is ChrisI come from Australia and I have no idea what a Middle sohocl is. We have Primary sohocl and High sohocl. I was amazed how the miners lived underground for so long. I think that they were extremely brave in that type of situation. What would you do if you were stuck in the same situation?I hope you enjoy teaching middle sohocl!

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