Bluesecure LTD Privacy Policy For MinerMote iOS Apps For Kids
Bluesecure doesn’t collect personal information
If you download any of our MinerMote apps, we do not demand or collect any private information from you. In order to conform the application to user’s needs we use the restricted version of Flurry Analytics ( to collect usage statistics. This data is anonymous and does not transmit any personally identifying information to either Flurry or ourselves. We do not extract personal data of children or adults of any age.
Bluesecure doesn’t save location dependent information
Bluesecure does not ascertain data about your geographic location.
Bluesecure doesn’t show advertisements
These are advertisement free apps. Bluesecure does not allow advertisers to collect information from customers while they are using any of our MinerMote applications.
Any more questions?
If you have questions or comments about our data protection policy, do not hesitate to write an e-mail to

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